Flyboard Flying Theatre

The Unique Semi-prone Position of the Flyboard System

Guests enter the FLYBOARD and take their position at a Flyboard Support Device

As the show starts, the platform pitches forward to the neutral position and the guests lean comfortably into the Flyboard Support Device.

The multi-media presentation, coupled with sfx and the hi-tech motion system stimulates the human sensorimotor feedback system.

Guests are compelled to become involved in the experience.

The "close to reality" experience is completed as guests are compelled to shift their weight from one leg to the other synchronously with the platform motion.

This intuitive and natural human behavior is similar to that experienced when riding a bicycle and reinforces the believability of the experience.

Flyboard provides an ultra-realistic and authentic flying experience where your guests will fly like a bird.

The content can take them over breathtaking landscapes of natural or manmade iconic locations, or they can fly like one of their super-heroes. Flyboard enhances human perception through the stimulation of the sensorimotor feedback system and gets them involved like no other flying theatre.

Wide range of capacities
from 30 persons to 120 persons.

Leaning into the Flyboard Support Device in the semi-prone position, guests are compelled to shift their weight from one foot to the other whilst having their senses stimulated by the visual, audio and special effects systems. This simple iterative process, connecting the senses to the human motor system, brings the guests into an amazing, unforgettable and unprecedented flying experience.

Classic Flying Theatre

The traditional way to simulate a flight experience is to seat guests in an airplane, glider, hang glider or starship.

Whether the guests are seated and supported from below, or seated in a much more mechanically complex hanging structure (i.e. supported from above) makes no significant difference to the guest experience. The human sense is not completed and therefore the experience is like being a passenger in an aircraft or hang glider.
DyMoRides therefore concentrates on the quality of the motion as the key differentiating factor from its competitors. Motion algorithms have been developed to provide incredibly smooth motion, capable of being overlaid with complex vibrational modes exceeding 100 Hz for motion and texturing effects such as engine noise and air turbulence.

The higher frequencies also enable the guests to "feel the soundtrack" augmenting the reality of the audio system.

The hi-tech electrical and control systems facilitate a virtually instantaneous and silent response to provide a completely natural feeling of flying.

The Classic Flying Theatre has a seated configuration with lapbar restraints to minimise load/unload times, on-board audio and special effects. Our standard stadium seating has adjacent rows offset by 50% to provide excellent sight lines with perfect viewing for all guests.

Wide range of capacities
from 30 persons to 120 persons.

Flyboard Hybrid Theatre

It is an ideal attraction for guests to experience flying through a city, soaring around monuments or beautiful landscapes. The availability of pitch, roll and heave creates a great flying adventure.

The Flyboard Hybrid Theatre is highly modular and is ideal for locations with restricted dimensions - especially room height.

In addition to the 3 DOF motion system with pitch, roll and heave, the Flyboard Hybrid Theatre includes horizontal and vertical vibrations of up to 200 Hz.

The Flyboard Hybrid Theatre is available in a semi-prone stand position and in seated configurations. Stadium seating/ standing with adjacent rows offset by 50% provides perfect viewing for all guests. A wide range of on-board and off-board special effects are available.

A cost-effective, superb flying
experience for smaller locations with limited
facility dimensions and budgets.

• Semi-prone or seated configurations
• Small footprint and ceiling height optimised
for smaller locations and budgets
• Curved or Dome screens
• On-board and off-board special effects
• All-electric high-fidelity motionsystems
• Multiple units for higher capacities
• 3 DOF motion system with superimposed vibrations
• Option for vertical drop

Standard sizes of 16, 24 or 36 persons

Vertically Curved Screen

This creates, in 2D, a depth perception
similar to a 3D projection.

Our curved screen theatres involve a unique approach in terms of the Projector and Screen Configuration. The Projector is located on the Flyboard Platform. This system has been proven, with guests reporting a totally natural flying sensation.

The curvature of the screen precisely follows the locus of the motion of the projector lens. Pixels at the edges of the screen are slightly blurred, enhancing the sense of speed and matching normal human vision. When driving, or travelling at speed, the central receptors of the eye present clear vision, whereas the peripheral receptors present a slight blurring.
This creates, in 2D, a depth perception similar to a 3D projection.

Dome Screen

The Dome Screen creates a total
immersive flying experience.

Dome Screens represent the state-of-the-art in cinematic projection. Many such installations require multiple projectors, which is challenging for achieving permanent perfect alignment of the picture.

We have solved this problem by using a special dome screen segment, along with the latest projection technology and in combination with an ultra wide angle lens allowing us to completely eliminate the need for complex edge blending.

As a result of the flight position and sightlines our Dome Screens provide a fully immersive visual experience.

SFX Theatre

Wind, scent, water and lightning special effects (sfx) are powerful and effective ways of creating the experience for your guests. Combined with vertically and horizontally vibrating platforms and the option of a vertical drop, they will create a mind blowing experience for your guests.

By combining the latest technologies in audio and visual systems, special effects and motion systems and then perfectly choreographing the motion programming with media presentation through a state-of-the- art seamless ride and show control, your attraction will transport your guests into a new dimension of cinematic entertainment.

Space Requirements and
Theatre Capacity

Building and Space Requirements of our Flyboard Flying Theatres

Below there are the minimum dimensions for different types and sizes of Flying Theatres.

The examples are based on Flyboard Hybrid Theatres with a Horizontally Curved Screen and on the other Flyboard Flying Theatres with a Dome Screen.


A typical ride film has a length of 3 to 4 minutes. For the Flyboard Hybrid 16 the load and unload time is calculated with 1 minute, for the Flyboard Hybrid 24 and for the Flyboard 30 with 1.5 minutes, for the Flyboard Hybrid 36, the Flyboard 40 and Flyboard 50 with 2 minutes and for the Flyboard 72 with 2.5 minutes.

With a ride film length of 3.5 minutes
the Flying Theatres have the following
capacities per hour:

Higher capacities can be achieved with
double, triple and quadruple units
usually in separate theatres.

Tower Ride
Flying Theatre

The Tower Ride Flying Theatre attraction combines a Flying Theatre with all its options for simulating a great flying experience with the added sensation of a "faster than gravity" free fall.

It is a completely new Flying Attraction blending all the best elements of leading-edge flying theatres, simulators and free fall rides, allowing the creation of mind blowing unique experiences in completely immersive multi-media environments.

This unique multi-sensory, multi-media ride system combines several DyMoRides motion technologies to provide an affordable state-of-the-art flight attraction with a downward vertical acceleration exceeding 1g. Screens at multiple levels, special effects and the option for interactive media are available.

Our unique solution provides a cost effective drop ride with accelerations going beyond 1g. The drop is enhanced with additional motion and texturing through DyMoRides unique motion control technologies.

With two ride vehicles per tower
the best capacity is accieved

Trackless Dark Ride

Laser or magnetic guided trackless vehicles with rotating motion plus options for on-board motion systems, on-board audio and on-board and off-board special effects.

Driving & Flying Simulators

With our state-of-the-art 6 axis motion systems we are able to provide you with driving and flying simulators which go well beyond the requirements of the entertainment industry. Our motion systems for driving and flying simulations are also in demand from the professional training industry.

Custom Ride Systems

Our virtually silent, ultra-smooth, all-electric motion technologies with the capability of superimposed vibrational modes of complex frequencies up to 200 Hz have inspired attraction designers and Master Planners to include DyMoRides' technologies in the development of leading edge attractions.

Our ability to custom design and engineer our highly energy efficient motion ride systems enables DyMoRides' to develop ride systems with dynamic loads exceeding 20 tonnes and also to include extreme motion envelopes not previously possible.

We will be delighted to explore your creative ideas and to develop unique motion-based solutions to satisfy your creative intent providing a customized guest experience for your guests.

Our state-of-the-art modular motion
technologies are highly scalable to create
unique custom designed motion-based
ride systems and attractions.