Our Philosophy

WE BELIEVE clients deserve the very best service with affordable world class attractions, exceptional guest experiences at competitive investment costs and very low operating and maintenance costs.

WE COMMIT through our rigorous approach in design, development, engineering and manufacturing to provide our clients with innovative technology solutions, utilising the very best components and systems, resulting in trouble-free attractions and ride systems that have enduring appeal to guests.

WE COMBINE proven motion technologies to create innovative custom designed attractions and ride systems whilst managing technology risk to the lowest level.

WE DELIVER multi-media, multi-sensory, motion-based attractions of exceptional quality where the guest experience is at the heart of our approach.

1-stop development,
supply and installation of thrilling
motion based attractions
with excellent ROI

Who We Are

Dynamic Motion Rides GmbH was founded by David Vatcher and Michael Prager to develop, design and supply multi-media, multi-sensory motion based attractions to the worldwide leisure industry.

DyMoRides has brought together an international team of experts with proven track records to form a world class network fully capable of delivering new leading edge attractions. The DyMoRides' philosophy is that through a rigorous approach to the processes of design, engineering and manufacturing the company can provide affordable state-of-the-art attractions with minimal operating and maintenance costs.

Dynamic Motion Systems Ltd, our development and manufacturing company, was founded together with Simon James. At the heart of DyMoSystems is the development and production of innovative motion systems which go way beyond the existing industry standards in performance and reliability.

David Vatcher started his career as a naval architect and engineer with the UK Navy. He has spent the last 20 years directing leading edge technology based projects for the worldwide leisure industry. David's customers include: Disney, Universal, Paramount Parks, Warner Bros, Six Flags, Village Roadshow, Legoland, Port Aventura and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Michael Prager is an entrepreneur from Austria with broad experience in international business development. His background is in law and finance.

Simon James, founder and owner of Tribotics Ltd, a UK based company focussed on the design and implementation of custom designed robotics and automated power and control systems for a wide range of industries. Simon is a director and shareholder of Dynamic Motion Systems Ltd.

Paul Lanham acts as DyMoRides Creative Director, if the client seeks a turnkey project that includes content, theming and media production.


The following projects are/
were being executed by DyMoRides.

Simulator Ride • Design and Engineering of a Custom Ride System
Leading Orlando Theme Park, Florida (2017)
Washington Revelations • Fyboard Flying Theatre
Museum of the Bible Washington DC (2017)
Storm Coaster • Theming and SFX
Village Road Show, Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia (2013)
Development of a new 3 DOF and 6 DOF Motion System Technology with a new robotics based approach to motion control (2010-2014), US and international patents granted 2015 and 2016

Previous projects from one of the DyMoRide's founders

Vienna Airlines • Flyboard Simulator Theatre
Vienna, Austria (2008)
Miraculum • Multi-sensory Theatre Vienna, Austria (2008)
Indoor Linear Motor Launch Coaster Disneyland Resort, Paris (2001)
Project Stealth • World's First Flying Coaster
Paramount's Great America, California (2000)
Indoor Linear Motor Launch Coaster
Disney/MGM Studios, Orlando, Florida (1999)
Jurassic Park River Adventure • Major Flume Ride
Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida (1999)

Core Technology

• Cam-based, multi-axis, virtually silent motion systems with incredible fidelity
• State-of-the-art sophisticated drive control systems with instantaneous response and incredibly smooth motion
• Superimposed complex vibrational modes authentically mimic natural and/or mechanical vibrations
• Regenerative, energy efficient, motion systems minimise power consumption and maximise component life
• Frame rate synchronization facilities perfect motion programming
• Mechanical and structural components modelled in 3D using state-of-the-art tools
• Major components selected from leading blue chip brands with proven reliability, long life and minimal maintenance costs

The Ultimate Motion System

The motion algorithms have been developed to provide incredibly smooth motion that is capable of being overlaid with complex vibrational modes to represent mechanical vibrations and natural vibrations. Higher frequencies can be overlaid, so that audio can be "felt" in the form of vibrations up to 200 Hz. These higher frequencies enable the motion system to play a soundtrack and provide an augmented audio reality. The hi-tech electrical and control systems facilitate a virtually instantaneous and silent response to provide a completely natural feeling of motion.

Operating 16/7/365

Our attractions are designed, engineered and built for many years of trouble-free operation, resulting in high availability, low down time and high guest satisfaction.

Our systems are simple to operate and maintain with a proven record in terms of minimal spareparts usage. Sophisticated built-in diagnostics enable those responsible for maintenance to rapidly identify failure modes. The data also provides valuable feedback to DyMoRides so that further support can be provided if necessary. DyMoRides also offers optional remote online modem support for your staff, for both the motion control system and the show control systems. Our attractions simply run and run and run.

• Easy to operate

• Minimal operating and maintenance costs

• Sophisticated diagnostics

• Full compliance with international standards

• Reliable all-in-one ride and show control system

Standards & Codes

EN 13814 "Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety"
ASTM F2291-14 "Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices"
American Disabilities Act (ADA): "2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design"
China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI) CSEI GB8408-2008 and associated standards
BS 7608:1993. "Code of Practice for Fatigue Design and Assessment of Steel Structures"
DIN ENV1999-2: "Eurocode 9 – Design of Aluminium Structures – Part 2: Design of Structures Susceptible to Fatigue"
All welds in accordance with EN ISO 5817 Category B
DIN 4112, "Temporary structures; code of practice for design and construction"
DIN 15018 – "Part 1, Cranes; principles for steel structures, stress analysis"
CE Compliance through the application of the relevant parts of the following Directives and Codes:
2006/42/EC. Machinery Directive, 2006/95/EC. Low Voltage Directive, 2004/108/EC. EMC Directive
EN 60204-1 2006. "Safety of Machinery. Electrical Equipment of Machines: Part 1 Specification for General Requirements"
EN/ISO 13849-1 (Group B Standard). "Safety of Machinery – Safety Related Parts of Control Systems: Part 1 General Principles for Design"
EN/ISO 12100-1 (Group A Standard). "Safety of Machinery - Basic Concepts, General Principles for Design. Part 1: Terminology, Methodology"
EN/ISO 12100-2 (Group A Standard). "Safety of Machinery - Basic Concepts, General Principles for Design. Part 2: Technical Principles"
EN/ISO 14121-1(Group A Standard). "Safety of Machinery - Principles for Risk Assessment"
EN/ISO 13850 (Group B Standard). "Emergency Stop - Principles for Design"
EN ISO 13857 (Group B Standard). "Safety of Machinery - Safety Distances to Prevent Hazard Zones Being Reached by Upper and Lower Limbs"
EN 999 (Group B Standard). "Positioning of Protective Equipment in Respect of Approach Speeds of Parts of the Human Body"
EN 1088 (Group B Standard). "Interlocking Devices Associated with Guards - Principles for Design and Selection"
EN 1037 (Group B Standard). "Prevention of Unexpected Start-up"
EN 953 (Group B Standard). "General Requirements for the Design and Construction of Fixed and Movable Guards"

Complete Attraction or
Ride System only

DyMoRides is equally happy to provide the Ride System only or to supply you with a Complete Attraction including Audio, Video & Show Control.

Content, Theming &
Media Production

As an option we also offer Turnkey Projects that additionally include Content, Theming & Media Production

Paul Lanham is our creative director for those projects where clients seek a turnkey attraction solution that includes theming, content and media production. Paul has more than 20 years' experience at the Tussauds/Merlin Group designing and implementing creative content for outstanding themed attractions and themed resorts at numerous international locations.